Remember Bach Festival II

This was a day full of Bach’s music from Austral Harmony, a double reed ensemble class, two concerts and enough information on early music to fill the desires of any Bach-lover.
Oboist Jane Downer, who had performed the night before with Salut! Baroque, was up early getting set up for a class in double reed instruments. Downer began the day by introducing the audience to a range of interestingly named and shaped Oboes. On hand where about a dozen instruments, including the Baroque Oboe, the Oboe d’amore and the Oboe da Caccia.
Downer talked about the history and function of the Oboe as she introduced each instrument, and how it fitted in with the developing orchestra. Peter Maddigan, also an Oboist and with much knowledge on his instrument spoke about some technicalities of these Oboes, and then both players performed an Aria by Bach on the Oboe da Caccia. It has a mellower and deeper sound than today’s normal orchestral Oboe.
After a short break, Chayla Ueckert-Smith who recently won…

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